I don’t know what it is that makes the nighttime more spooky than daytime. Scary things happen during the day just as much as night, but for some reason it is more scary at night. Or it’s just our minds process things differently at night. For instance, my garage is detached from from house, I just go out the door from the kitchen and take about five steps and I am at my garage. I know where everything is, the trees, the grill, our little fence to keep our dog in the yard and all the random things that people keep them in our yards. My husband and I live on a dead end street, we are the fourth from the end. It’s a quiet street, but normal, just like any old street in anywhere USA. I have no issue walking in between the house and the garage during the day, yet I have found that I get a little anxious doing it at night.

There is no reasonable explanation for this, nothing has change, everything is just where I left it when it was light outside. Yet I find myself practically running to the garage when I need to take something out there. I believe that because it is dark and that there are so many shadows that anything can be lurking in the dark. But anything can be lurking in the day as well. It is that we just believe that since it is day that we are safe because we would be able to see things coming, at night though anything is possible. Why does this happen? Why do we let our imaginations take us on scary adventures at night? The answer? Because it is more spooky at night than during the day. There is no getting around that, we have grown up with many things that have told us time and time again that scary things come out at night. Telling ghost stories around a camp fire, any horror movie you have ever watched and scary books all have told us that when bad things happen they happen at night. And usually when it is raining, because I guess the rain makes it more scary.


So that is why people don’t ghost hunt during the day, if people did ghost hunt during the day I would totally be on board. My mind is too active, I see things in things too much at night, it’s a wonder that I can sleep at all. The funny thing is that I can’t sleep during the day, no naps here. I need complete darkness to sleep. It’s crazy because we are most vulnerable at night and at night is when “the bad things happen” but I sleep so soundly at night. During the day when we feel the safest and are ready for anything, I cannot sleep. All of the moments that I have had a paranormal experience have been at night. Yet I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I would love to have an paranormal experience during the day who knows if that will ever happen.

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