Should I Go?

I have a group of friends that ghost hunt and they are always asking me to go with them. They know that I believe in the paranormal and would probably love it if I would actually do it but that the question, should I do it? I probably would enjoy myself but I know that  I would be terrified. I would be afraid of bringing something unwanted home with me and that is just not worth the risk. There is probably a good chance that I wouldn’t bring something home but what if I did? It would be in my home and then I would have no peace, besides I am more than sure that my husband would not appreciate me bring home some dark entity.

Only one of my friends had this happen to them. It was an awful time for him, it took him many months to finally get rid of it. It didn’t posses him or anything but it disrupted his home life and wrecked havoc on his home. He is not entirely sure what it was exactly but it was something dark and strong enough that he had to call in a medium to help him get it out. Even after he has had to deal with that he stills goes back out to hunt some more. Brave guy. And here I am totally afraid to go even once. Out of all my friends that hunt, for how often and for how long they have been doing this, only one of them has had this happen to them and only once.

Needless to say, I am still debating about it but it is looking like I am probably not going to. They go out a couple times a week, mostly to the places that are haunted around town and even will go on a road trip to find places that they have not been. They have given me until Halloween to decide what I want to do. They do not go out hunting on Halloween but instead throw a party. A costume party to be sure. Every year there is a different theme, this year we are doing a Doctor Who costume party and I am so excited. I love Doctor Who and who doesn’t. One of my friends and I are tasked with the decorations and it has proved to be a very difficult mission. We have been to many party decoration type stores and even have gone to party rental places looking for Doctor Who themed items. If you can believe it, we have found close to nothing. Looks like we are going to be hand making many things. Good thing it’s the beginning of October.

But back to ghost hunting, while writing this post I think I have come to the decision that I am not going to participate in a hunt. I would much rather watch their videos or just watch a show on TV about it. Or, I can only hope to have another experience myself so I can live it first hand.

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