Unidentified Noises

Could anything be worse than hearing a noise that you don’t know what it is? To me this can be the scariest thing around. Here you are just relaxing and you hear this noise and it’s a noise that you cannot clearly define in a moment so your heart starts beating faster as your mind tries to determine what it is that you are hearing exactly. Does this ever happen to any of you? You don’t have to be just relaxing either, you could be out ghost hunting and hear a noise that you cannot identify, this I feel is a little more worrisome that being in the safety of your own home. Being out somewhere that you are not sure of your surroundings and hearing a noise that you can’t readily tell what it is just makes your mind start going round and round trying to figure it out can be pretty unsettling.

Luckily for me I don’t get into situations where I don’t know my surroundings but when this happens to me I am somewhere that I feel comfortable and hearing noises that I can’t identify quickly, really freaks me out. Just the other night this happened to me, and of course I was by myself. My husband was working late so I was having a book night, where I sit on the couch in my pajamas with the book that I am currently reading, luckily I was not reading a scary book. I heard this noise that sounded mechanical and natural at the same time, if you could imagine that. When I first heard it, I froze while my brain was trying to figure out what it was. Usually, I can determine what things are pretty quick, but this time I got nothing. I was so freaked out but I do go to the dark side first before I finally come back to the light. Which means, that I think things are sinister before I realize that it is really nothing. Which turned out to be the truth in this situation.

It turned out we had a leaky water heater. Imagine how silly I felt when I finally opened up our utility closest. I will not mention the time frame it took to do this but I will say that it was later rather than sooner. We leave in a small, one story house with a crawl space and not a basement so our furnace, water heater and softener are in the actually house in a closet of sorts. So now that I have figured out the noise I heard was just the water heater leaking, I couldn’t believe it, it did not sound like water at all. It sounded nothing like how your faucets will drip water sometimes because I totally would have recognized that sound. I searched all over the house, slowly and stealthy to be sure, searching for the noise. Finally opening up the closest doors and realizing that I was not to be attacked by whatever creature was lurking in there but just seeing the puddle of water on the ground. I felt much better but really dumb for not realizing it earlier.

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