When we are young

I don’t know if a lot of you would agree but I feel that when we are younger our minds are way more open than when we grow up. Our minds are less filled up with life experiences so we can image that anything is possible. As we grow older and the more things that happen to us in our lives hampers us into not believing in things that we can be prove. I think it is amazing that people like us can get over that and see these paranormal things for what they truly are. Real.

I have had numerous experiences with the paranormal, which I will tell in other blogs, even though I have never gone ghost hunting before.  I love watching ghost hunters do their thing but I don’t feel that I would ever do it. One reason is that I would be totally scared out of my mind and I would probably be really annoying to the other people that are there. I would be a complete baby the whole time, so I have decided not to bring that on other people. The other reason is that I would be afraid that something would attach itself to me and follow me home and haunt me in the one place where I feel the safest. I believe there are entities out there that can and are wanting to do that, so I will stick to just watching the experts do it on television.

I also will not allow Ouija boards in my home. I truly believe that they can bring unwanted things from a realm beyond to our own. Most people do not use these boards probably and will probably never be able to contact any spirits but why risk it. These entities that come over to our world are usually never the helpful kind so why do we want them in our lives? I know that I don’t.

I feel that dealing with ghosts, entities, spirits or whatever you want to call them should not be taken lightly. This is serious business and should be handle in a serious manner, so if you feel that you want to undertake this business then you need to fully prepare and study so you know what it is all about. This way you will not attract unwanted visitors and have your life disrupted. So make sure you are fully aware of what you are getting yourself into before it is too late.



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